Reputation Management

Reputation Management

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Have you checked your reputation? I mean actually looked at reviews posted and what people might be saying about you on social media sites? No? Gosh! How very brave of you. Your reputation is probably not what you think it is, especially if you only listen to the people who flatter you or tell you you’re great and so is your business. Cynical I hear you say, yep! I guess it is but, that doesn’t make it true. Are you paying attention to your reputation management efforts?

Think of how many parts of your business contribute to your online reputation. There’s your brand reputation, usually the domain of larger corporations like Nike and Coca Cola. Then, there’s your personal reputation, what people say about you as either a business owner or employer. Your staff will also contribute to your online reputation, their posts on their own social media profiles as well as what your customers say about your staff online. Then of course there’s your product or service, that too will have an impact on your reputation. All of these different pieces of the ‘reputation management profile’ need to be monitored and, where necessary addressed.

How many times do you, in a face to face conversation tell people you know that you think their table manners are atrocious, or that they have very bad halitosis? If asked the question, “does this suit me or make me look old/fat/ill?” do you tell the truth? We generally speaking don’t, unless we really don’t like the person concerned, are in a very bad mood (we then tend to feel guilty) or, love them more than anyone else and want others to do the same.

Why then do we think our customers will be any more honest in a face to face conversation. How many times in a restaurant have you been asked “Is everything OK with your meal?”  answered, “yes, it’s fine” when in fact it was just mediocre? Your reputation is what people say about you on-line and for the most part in reviews. So your reputation is your reviews – wherever they’re posted.

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Managing Your Reputation

If you want to take control of your reputation, you can download our eBook SEO Momma Guide to Social Media and protecting your online image by clicking the link, this will give you an overview of what you need to do to take control of your reputation on-line. Or, contact us to get more info on how SEO Momma can help bring you more business, manage your reputation and generally live a long and happy life (OK, the long and happy life may be a stretch – but the rest is certain!)

Social Media and Reputation Management

reputation managementToday, social media is how you monitor and manage your reputation. Why? Because the most powerful review sites like Yelp and Google + are social, comments and reviews posted on these sites are shared with the public and with ‘friends’. Have you ever read a bad comment or review and immediately thought “yes, that’s a company I want to do business with”? Or, have you looked for a different company or possibly further reviews to see if  the reputation is consistent?

Reputation Management Services

If you want help in managing your online brand reputation then give us a call on +44 7799 576223 we can offer advice and help to ensure your business reputation stays healthy and positive.