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If you’re looking for different packages, you’re probably going to be disappointed as we don’t offer that sort of service. Each and every business is unique, with individual needs, ask yourself, is your business going to really need the same tools as any other? OK, restaurants may all require similar marketing tools but a high end French Restaurant is going to require (and afford) a very different set of  marketing and advertising platforms than a portable burger van. Yet both will do better if they market themselves on-line as well as off line.

Having said that, we do have some stand alone packages if you’re looking for something to dip your toe in the waters of On Line Marketing with.

 Get Googled – Local Marketing

Everyone knows that Google is probably the most important search engine, if you’re only going to be seen in one, this is the one to be seen in. What used to be your Maps listing is now a Google Local + listing and is different to the old page that used to be shown. Yet it’s still one of the most important local listings for you to have. It shows on PC’s, laptops and mobile devices such as smart phones, tablet PC’s and portable game consoles. Google has an app available for mobile devices so even if you don’t have a website, you need this page.

Google now ranks these local pages so don’t let your competitors steal your share of the market!

Discover our local search marketing here =>

Video Marketing

Video is hugely powerful as a marketing tool. It’s portable, so anyone can view it anywhere. Unlike text content, you can post the same video in multiple places without running the risk of being punished by the search engines for posting duplicate content. Video can be emotional, so your message gets through because people get caught up in the emotion and watch your video to the end. You can repeat calls to action, so that you’re more likely to get a response.

People are impatient and the majority would watch a short 60 second video, where they won’t read a page of text.

Video Marketing with SEO Momma

  • Two 60 second videos created each month targeting your chosen keywords.
  • Each video posted to 20 video sharing sites with links pointing back to your money site.
  • Links created to the video on each of the 20 sites to add value to those backlinks pointing to your money site.
  • Videos sent to you so you build up an inventory of videos for your YouTube channel.
  • Report sent each month showing you where each video was posted.

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